Wednesday, 16 May 2012

TIPS + TRICKS to prep for an MMO release!

*TIPS and TRICKS* to prepare you for your (if you are lucky, all night) game sessions! VIP ITEMS @ BOTTOM OF LIST (in color)!  And just for fun I checked off the typical items that I would use.
  • Copy of GW2 - 
    • Prob just the plain ol reg edition 
  • Batteries 
    • For those Wireless Peripherals.. Keyboards, mice, controllers ect.) - check!
  • Drinks 
    • Coffee, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Sweet Tea,Water etc - um RED BULL + COFFEE prz
  • Snacks  
    • Hot Pockets, Funions, Doritos, Oreos, Ice Cream, Cereal, Microwave Dinners - Sour Patch Kids or some other sweet/sour gummy yum, occasionally chips, not so occasionally dinner @ keyboard lol (well on those blessed nights off from the baby heh)
  • Wrist Brace 
    • Support for you keyboard users - Carpal Tunnel sucks from what I hear better be safe than sorry - hmm I wish lol... tho I AM considering using my WACOM tablet and pen as a mouse o_O I will be investigating this later to see if its plausible!
  • Proper Computer Gaming Chair 
    • Look for things that are important for this one such as how far back you can recline and not how great support it has - awesome recline: check!
  • Foot Stool 
    • Keeping your feet in an upright position is a good way to keep the blood at an even flow in your body - usually the cat or the subwoofer to my stereo 
  • Extra Pair of Underwear  
    • For those moments that you pissed your pants because this game is so bad ass - eeew no o_O
  • Socks and a Blanket  
    • If it gets cold there is no need to get up- uuugh no thanks, I hate wearing socks!!
  • No Doze 
    • Over the counter anti sleep aid to help stay awake for those long nights of grinding - um naah but if you do BE CAREFUL plz.. I've had a few bad experiences with these heh >_>
  • Cell Phone and Charger 
    • Keep in contact with the rest fo the world while your productive on the game - well ya that's a given! 
  • Extra Keyboards and Controllers 
    • This is in case the RMT /Tell's become too much to handle or your computer keeps crashing while your creating your character and you need to let some steam off and throw something! - good advice! I always have a wired kb and mouse stashed in the closet
    • Here's a good example of needing a way to vent that steam!: I (along with thousands of users) could not even install/update the game Diablo3 properly .... Attempted to install on 2 computers. After 24 hours of racking my brain for genius new ways to make the damn game playable (and going through an extensive list of 10+ solutions)...and where in plenty of "letting off steam" was involved lol ... the game finally decided to work on its own on my laptop. But still unable to update on my desktop.
  • STRESS RELIEVER Squishy Toy 
    • In case the above method isn't for you and you don't believe in violence then this could be a positive alternative - Hubby sits next to me ^_^ 
  • Phone List: Make a phone list of the most important places you may have to contact in case of an emergency such as: 
    • Papa Johns, ISP Provider, Hospital, best friend who is playing WoW so you can brag LOL - any hardcore player has their list of favorite fast food vendors haha)
  • Credit Card (For instances mentioned above) 
    • Aaand for in game it seems.... especially since it sounds like I will most likely be occasionally buying gems in the cash shop for random things (GW2 says they are "only convenience items")... but I'll be researching this further when the time comes. Alas I admit that I will probably take the easy shortcut and buy a few things here and there since I cannot play hard like I used to :( 
  • PILLOWS! Oh hell yes! 
    • Everyone who knows me would say I have a bit of a pillow addiction lol. And sometimes the hubby says my chair looks like a nest, all stacked and groomed to attain the highest comfort possible
  • BABYSITTER (for Momma's like me, as needed)  
    • VIP, hopefully baby can be @ grandmas house for a few during the head start and a couple nights off a month would be STELLAR
    • Take some time away from the computer with your significant other. Clean the house, weed the garden, go out to dinner or a movie together. It's much easier to deal with that lout who shouts, "Not now honey I've got one more bar of XP to go" when you've got the recent memory of a good time together. CREDIT: Thanks to an anonymous poster for sharing this excellent piece of wisdom with us!

Lastly, although you cannot buy or guarantee this, you gotta HAVE PATIENCE!

So what does YOUR list look like? Have any additional items of wisdom to pass along? =) Please share!

Thanks for reading! <See you again!>


  1. Haha! I do the same thing with pillows! My poor computer chair is just covered with them ... but I gotta be cozy!

    I'm thinking of playing Guild Wars 2 when it drops ... all of my WoW guildies seem to be sprinting for it! I'll be all alone if I don't. xD

    1. Haha awesome. We got the right idea about the pillows! I don't know how people can sit in chairs so long without them!

      Hey that would be great! What is your guild called? I have some friends who are going to play as well but we are all kinda scattered. I'm still trying to decide what guild to join. Hopefully one that has a fair bit of activity and one that has been around for awhile.

  2. The big thing you left off is what you do the weekend before game release.

    Take some time away from the computer with your significant other. Clean the house, weed the garden, go out to dinner or a movie together. It's much easier to deal with that lout who shouts, "Not now honey I've got one more bar of XP to go" when you've got the recent memory of a good time together.

    1. Haha that's a VIP point! Very smart to think ahead like this! I wish I knew your name to give you credit for this wisdom =)

      I will add this to the list! Thanks!

  3. hey Serenity? How to I follow your blog? Kinda new to the whole blogger thing...

    1. Sorry for the late reply Saidina! I've been consumed by Diablo 3 the past few days lol. But I see you have it figured out anyways :)