Wednesday, 9 May 2012

/random: FF14 memories

New friends, silly moments, a little exploration  (lolz death) & a whole lot of FUN!

The most recent MMO that I had a lot of fun in was FFXIV. Unfortunately it didn't last longer than 20 levels at which point we were convinced there was nothing more to look forward to except a sloooow grind to max level... and even crafting was bunk. BUT the first while was exciting and memorable, so I kept these pics to remind me of the potential the game might have once it has been remade. That and I am an ex-FFXI player who was in love with the idea of the game being more like FFXI 2.0. 

Well it was emergency maintenance (AGAIN @!$@#$%) and it had left me with a little LOT of spare time, so I figured, what the hey? I should post some random pics just for fun while I wait! And I then added commentary to liven it up. These pictures are some of my more memorable moments (actually most of them tbh lol). 

I found out later that the mysterious city is Ishgard ^^ New "Jeuno" ? I wasn't sure it was accessible yet although game the game was released. My main was only lvl 10 at the time and seeing as we didn't even have access to chocobos yet... >:( .. I was in for quite the hike on foot. It was time to explore!

And along the way to Ishgard: 

Now just some other random SS of fun and death :)


I wonder how this guy got = in his name?

Yeah that's right, a pink hat got me pretty excited at that point in the game... there really wasn't a whole lot to get excited about when FFXIV was released. (Hence why they are remaking the game lolz)

Thanks for reading! <See you again!>

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