Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hello and /welcome to my blog!

I would like to give thanks to the Newbie Blogger Initiative and everyone who has promoted the site on their blogs. IF YOU are a fellow new blogger like myself, check them out!

It just so happens that on the same day that I decided I wanted to start a new blog, I found out about NBI and it gave me that last boost of confidence I needed to give it a go! And /cheers to all the new bloggers. We CAN DO IT! =)

I guess you could say I am an MMORPG enthusiast ^_~ I used to consider myself a "hardcore" player but sadly (or fortunately lol) my life does not allow for insane amounts of gaming anymore. Because I am a new mother! @_@ And now a new blogger! And soon to be playing a new MMO!! 


My hubby is responsible for converting me into a "gamer-girl" at the young age of 18 (haha). I was introduced to FF11 and was deeply involved (12+hrs some days) for a fun 4 years (2002-2006). It was goodbye social life! And I'm still sorry to Mom & Dad for all those days I was missing lol. I played plenty of video games when I was younger, but I never could have imagined the hold that living in an MMO had/has on me. Especially the FIRST one!! You all know what I mean...

It's that hunched forward on the edge of your chair  excitement... it's that "GOTTA book time off work to PLAY at release"  anticipation... it's that  "HONEY lets order in again tonight" infatuation...

 Aaaahh  how sweet it feels. I've been chasing that feeling through too many MMOs after that first one. And most have been disappointing. I've had a few tastes since, but they were short lived, a couple of months if I was lucky. Oh, except for GW1 and WoW. I did spend a pretty fun couple of years between the two  (2006-2008). But it has been roughly 5 years since then of anti-climatic starts and failures of these games (AoC, FF14, LoTRO, RIFT, almost SWToR, and Warhammer) that turned me away from gaming for quite awhile. Instead I buried my disappointment in the usually gratifying world of reading! And there I have been for most of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

To date my list of /played is: AoC, EQ2, FFXI, FFXIV, GW1, LoTRO, RIFT, (almost SWToR but had a baby lol), Warhammer, WoW 

My /reads to date are here if you are interested: HERE

Sooo... pls do share! What was the first MMO that enchanted YOU (did it influence your life like mine did)? Do you have a lengthy list of MMOs too? Are you still a resident of any of those worlds? AND ARE YOU GONNA PLAY GW2!!? ^_^

Before I go, I would like to share one of the best tips I found to starting a new blog:

"Compose at least 5-10 posts (even rough drafts) BEFORE starting your blog. This way you will have a few posts to publish right away and can save some for back up in case you are having a rough week or writers block or whatever else."  

And so I am off to follow this great advice. On to articles #2 and up!

Thanks for reading! <See you again!>


  1. That's awesome you decided to start blogging, welcome to the blogosphere. I am always looking for moar good blogs to add to my massive feed reader, lol.

    I was also a young mother when I started gaming. My first was EverQuest, back in 2000. I still play it and too many others. It took me a few years to actually take the initiative to start my own blog to go along with my hobby, I'm glad I did it, I really love it.

    I do plan on playing GW2. I didn't pre-order but I still plan on playing it. It looks really interesting thus far.

    1. Thanks kaozz! I appreciate you coming by. I am really enjoying your blog. And that would be awesome if you play GW2 look me up! =)

  2. Welcome to blogging, and always good to meet another gaming girl (or should I say, woman)!

    The game that brought me in the gamer's world was LOTRO, and I still play it with much dedication as of today. It's funny to see how many people hop from game to game, yet I'm still playing the same games. I guess I just like to dive in something and enjoy it as long as possible.

    I hope you enjoy your "new life" as a blogger. ;) Have fun writing!

    1. Hi Ravanel. Thanks for stopping by! And yes me2, so nice to meet more gaming women! I've actually befriended equal or more women gamers vs guys in the MMO blogosphere. Isn't that great! We are definitely more common and more vocal than back in the days when I first started gaming. Back then most ppl didn't believe you were a girl until u proved otherwise lol. I also knew very few girls in game.

      I was like you at first, sticking to the same game. My first MMO was FFXI and I played that off and on from 2002-2011 (hardcore obsessed from 2002-2006 lol). Then I just randomly played a couple months a year till I got bored and tried other MMOs. Like I've said in my post above, it's hard not to try seeking that excitement and passion felt from the first MMO.

      Well I'll ttyl ok!