Thursday, 17 May 2012

GW2: My Hopes and Fears of PvP (will it really be different?)


For the FIRST time ever I am actually excited about PvP. I admit that I don't have a lot of experience. And most of it was really bad (as in WoW pvp twinks pwning my ass anytime I tried the battlegrounds, or random ganking during PvE). 

I wasn't fortunate enough to have enough friends/people willing to group with me in the battlegrounds. I was never able to practice anything worthwhile. There is a big difference between performing a certain way vs just reading how to do it... 

So why should GW2 PvP be any better??

  1. No world PvP: Hallelujah! There won't be any ganking and griefing during PvE! 
  2. PvP without factions: You won't get stuck on a losing side because you are outnumbered 3 to 1
  3. Objective focus is more important: Rewards (glory) are obtained by completing objectives (ie. capturing resource nodes etc) and not just player kills only resulting in a massive gank fest.
  4. PvP is more lively then ever!: Nothing stops, everything and everyone is in constant motion, even the casters! (my personal fav!!)
  5. Everyone gets a heal spell: Need I say more? 
  6. Elimination of gear/weapon grinds: The best gear/weapons will be more accessible to everyone. Does this mean pvp twinks won't completely dominate like in WoW? TYVM!
  7. WvWvW: 3 servers battle, castles and keeps, siege machines, stone golems (and maybe other funky weapons engineered?), up to 500 players! O_O The only con I can see is that some people might not like how much time is required in building your castle or busting down an enemy's door (or if they are like me, they have a baby who randomly needs me and I can't always invest a sequential couple hours into a game). Since I haven't had the chance to play WvWvW, I would like to know how it would work when you only pop in for 30mins or so?

And a BIG reason that WvWvW makes me so excited is because of all the fantasy books I've been reading... so many EPIC fantasy war scenes! (check out my /FAV reads tab at top of page)

Well here's to hoping that GW2 delivers @ release! Don't even get me started on how disappointing a few previous MMOs have been... >:( They had so much potential and totally flopped *Ahem.. FF14*

What do YOU think about GW2 PvP? Do you have any memorable experiences from beta that you would like to share? Or if you have any more insight (or even corrections) to my impressions of PvP, please share!

Thanks for reading! <See you again!>


  1. I was impressed that I played a LONG match and didn't die. And in the next, I died once. As a caster! I could get used to that :)

    1. Haha yes exactly my hopes as I will being playing a mage too! Thanks for the input! =)

  2. So many pretty colors! Welcome to the NBI!

    1. lol ty Syp. Trying to help make a longer post seem easier to scan and catch attention! And ofc I just like lots of color hehe :)

  3. A little late on the reply but anyhoo...

    I like the idea of the World vs. World in Guild Wars 2. I just dipped my toes on it during the beta weekend since there was still a lot of the PvE I wanted to see (and so little time!)

    Here are the things I found interesting though. There are some PvE events that if your side completes successfully can get the help of some NPCs to your side. So this is a way for people who aren't that good at PvP *coughs*likeme*coughs* to contribute to the fight.

    While exploring the keep that belonged to my side I found there was an entrance you could get through the river. It seemed to be less defended so sneaky players could probably use it to infiltrate the keep and cause some mayhem from the inside.

    While exploring the map I got to that castle in the middle. It belonged to an opposing server so the other players from my server were trying to take it. I *think* I saw someone building a battle ram there to try breaking the door down. Unfortunately I don't know how they did or how effective it is since soon after a bunch of the opposing players came behind us and I died shortly after. After that I went back to explore more PvE.

    During the entire weekend the different sides seemed balanced. I think the most powerful side had about 40% of the control of the map. While my server had about 30%.

    Overall I think it will be something interesting to do when we need some break from the grind. :)

    1. Hi shardsofimagination :) Thanks for the input. I didn't know about winning NPCs over to help contribute to the fight. That's really neat!

      See that's great that the sides seemed balanced. That was definitely one of my biggest pet peeves about battlegrounds in WoW. And cool that you got some good ideas about where to sneak in a keep already lol.

      I'm also a big fan of PvE. Especially the exploration at first. Which is why I didn't check out WvWvW last stress test. I only had a couple hours and was busy learning new skills and getting acquainted with the starting areas. But wow I wasted a lot of time in the human starter city (it is friggen massive lol).

      I agree it sounds like a great break from grinding. I really hope to be lucky enough to join a good pvp guild who does regular events together. As it's always more fun when you play with friends. Not having a regular group was my biggest disappointment in previous PvP experiences. And hopefully I will actually get good enough at PvP to really enjoy it and then all of my bad experiences from WoW will be a distant memory lol

      But PvE has always been and will continue to be my first focus. It seems like to get the best of best of both PvE and PvP it is a good idea to join 2 separate guilds. I've begun seeking one of each to join. I don't know a lot of ppl who will be playing yet so I'm just trying to make friends around gw2 blogs and twitter :)

  4. Me and my guild came from WAR (and they came from DAOC before WAR), and GW2's WvWvW is pretty much like WAR's RvR --with siege weapons and capturing castles. Except it's much more fun in GW2, of course. So, we're pretty excited about it. Especially since we found out during the Beta Weekend that are old group (or zerg) tactics in WAR still works a lot in here.

    1. Hi Skron80. Yes I agree that WAR's RvR is similar. That is good to hear that old tactics work. Sounds like a blast! I didn't know anyone except my hubby while I played WAR and didn't play very long unfortunately. Some other game had sucked me in.. AoC maybe, can't remember.

  5. I wasn't going to play pvp, but I might just have to swoop by next bwe and see whats up.

    1. Yes you definitely should! I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I think a major factor to enjoying the PvP events to the fullest is having a regular group/guild to play with. That's what I'm looking for!